PLEASE NOTE: Benjamin Butler can do talks on financial markets, creativity, consciousness, Zen and the future. He also likes to organise or participate in dialogue in order to tap into the collective intelligence.

MIPIM Asia 10th Anniversary Property Leaders Summit


December 1 & 2, 2015 / Grand Hyatt Hong Kong


BENJAMIN BUTLER / Futurist, CEO / Emerging Future Institute

Benjamin’s Speech: "Prepare for the Disruption Decade: Vision 2025 -“The Future of the Global Economy” 


On top of exploring industry trends and opportunities in the investment, development, and retail real estate fields, the MIPIM Asia’s 10th anniversary programme featured a high-quality prospective content on APAC real estate: vision 2025. 

MIPIM is the world’s leading property market and brings together the most influential players from all international property sectors - office, residential, retail, healthcare, sport, logistics and industrial, offering unrivalled access to the greatest number of development projects and sources of capital worldwide.

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Benjamin Butler Singapore Speaking Tour in Collaboration with IP Investment Management and Macquarie Bank

November 2, 2015 - Singapore


World Knowledge Forum

October 20-22, 2015 / Seoul, South Korea

OCTOBER 20-22, 2015–Benjamin Butler was a speaker at the World Knowledge Forum in Seoul, South Korea, Oct. 20-22, 2015–As the largest business forum is Asia, the World Knowledge Forum brings together global leaders to address the importance of knowledge in meeting the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing world.


The 5th International Innovation Forum

June 22, 2015 / Moscow, Russia

Friday, June 22, 2015– Benjamin Butler Speaker at The 5th International Innovation Forum RASIA.COM - New Business Opportunities

The 5th International Innovation Forum rASiA.com was held on June 22, 2015 in Moscow, Russia. Forum rASiA.com encourages exchange of the latest technologies and experience between entrepreneurs from all over the world. Global leaders discussed the latest innovations, opportunities for cooperation, analyzed interesting cases, told their stories of success, revealed important trends and showed how innovative technologies can change the world and support in development of the global economies of Russia, Asia and the West.

“One of the most interesting lectures after the ASEAN session ended was a talk on an ‘imminent global financial crisis, and the future of the firm’, given by Benjamin J. Butler, founder of Apotheosis Consulting in Hong Kong. Benjamin started off by explaining that we are unable to predict collapses accurately because we rely too much on the left hand sides of our brains, and we unable to see a major financial crisis about to happen: “I see a new financial crisis happening. Stocks are very expensive, it is difficult to find yield anywhere.…..” READ MORE


International Innovation Forum

May 5, 2015 / Hong Kong

Benjamin Butler was a featured speaker at TEDx Hong Kong. He  is a futurist and catalyst with a profound interest in the human mind, innovation and finance. As an international columnist covering financial market trends, he writes for the Dow Theory Letters, one of the world’s oldest market strategy newsletters. He is also Advisor to the Co-Creation Institute at the Design School of Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  He attended the Faculty of Law at Kings College London and graduated from the School of Oriental and African Studies with a BA in Economics and Japanese. After a career in finance (Morgan Stanley, Nomura, UBS) and as a Principal of his own hedge fund (Edge Capital), he spent time investing in and consulting to start-ups on the West Coast of the USA before establishing Apotheosis Consulting. Having lived in London, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, and NYC, Benjamin is fascinated by the human journey.

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"Bring Wisdom to Work

A TEDx Talk Given by Benjamin Butler given in Hong Kong on May 5, 2015

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(excerpt from his speech)…..

want to dedicate my talk to my late sister Rebecca Dadswell, who passed away this year, exactly four months to this day. She also taught me to how to bring wisdom to work. It is 7th Century in Ancient China. Guandong Province. Two monks are arguing whilst looking at a flag fluttering in the wind. One monk insists that the flag is moving and the other insists that it is the wind that is moving. Neither will concede. An old monk appears from the mist [because its always misty on such occasions] and says: “the flag isn’t moving. The wind isn’t moving. It is your minds that are moving.” The old man was Hui Neng, an old sage also known as the Sixth Patriach. Over his lifetime he went on to teach the importance of keeping a clear mind, finding your true self and helping others. 

Today, Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to talk about something that has a bad name, at least in the world of business – wisdom. (click to read the entire speech)

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