You can read about Benjamin’s interesting life story in “The Alternative Resume”, making him uniquely suited to futurism. 



Inspired by investors like “Investment Biker” Jim Rogers and Peter Lynch, who valued direct experience above reading others’ reports, Benjamin frequently travels from his base in Hong Kong, feeling the pulse of society and the global economy. 

Benjamin has made prescient forecasts including:

  • The collapse of the internet bubble
  • The rejuvenation of the old economy after China joined the WTO 
  • The GFC and its bottom in March 2009
  • The shift from Emerging Markets to Developed Markets in the aftermath of the Crisis
  • And, now, an emerging shift in consciousness of society

Benjamin’s recent passion has been the pursuit of the Holy Grail of creativity and innovation. After a period of investing in the West Coast/Silicon Valley, he spent time a number of years travelling around the world meeting visionaries, entrepreneurs, creatives, martial artists, and even Zen Masters, with the goal of discerning states of mind that lead to insight. He now helps individuals and organisations cultivate awareness and tap into collective intelligence through dialogue.

As a Futurist, Benjamin can be engaged as a consultant either hourly, or on retainer, or as a speaker. 

Please see “Contact”. Both investors and companies have hired him to understand the context and risks before making decisions about investments and deploying capital. Benjamin also open to sitting on the Board of Directors of companies as visionary thinker and futurist. 

A different way of seeing?

Benjamin’s insights are quite different. He is not a linear thinker. 

  • On the ground intelligence: inspired by the likes of Peter Lynch from Fidelity and Investment Biker, Jim Rogers, Benjamin likes to travel and see the world with his own eyes. He also taps in to a wide network of business people, entrepreneurs, visionaries and finance people to discern the direction of humanity. 
  • Multi-disciplinarian: it is through seeing the whole that one can more easily discern the trajectory of geo-politics, society and financial markets. Not only has Benjamin experienced both Wall St and Main St - thereby understanding both the financial world and the business world, but also he looks at geo-political intelligence that is massively overlooked by the bulk of the investment community. What is the significance of Singapore being part of the pro-US Western block in terms of economy vs. Hong Kong? What was the significance of Abe’s return to power? Is the yen-dollar really a free currency or is it really set in Washington and Kasumigaseki?
  • Imagination: Carl Jung recognised the imagination was a form of intelligence or knowing. Benjamin seems to have an innate gift to sense what it important and peer in to the future. Linear thinking doesn't work when dealing with paradigm shifts and the non-linear world in which we leave.
  • Understanding of human consciousness: psychological dimensions and the impact of human thinking on outcomes are over-looked by most economists and business people. Benjamin spent many years as a budding Carl Jung in investment circles, meeting hundreds if not thousands of investors. And in recent years he has studied the mind from an Eastern perspective - sitting in Zen retreats in the mountains of Korea - and through the lens of the Western science of consciousness,  working with pioneers in this field.

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