My consulting firm Apotheosis Consulting is honoured to act as a guide to those consciously endeavouring to pursue a journey. It might be a creative team or company trying to have a creative breakthrough in innovation or strategy. Or it might be a person or team on a journey of self-discovery, looking for their purpose.Benjamin Butler    


Benjamin Butler is dedicated to catalysing a more creative, compassionate and conscious society. He helps mentor those pursuing a path to greater awareness and setting their sights on the latest form of leadership - co-creation and collective intelligence.  And he works with organisations that are endeavouring to employ the latest organisational development techniques centered on co-creation and collective intelligence.

Benjamin also believes in the inspirational and healing powers of Nature. He uses this when he works with clients and encourages everyone once in their life to do a Quest, a rite of passage where one goes into the solitude of nature to acquire a vision or path for one’s life.

Apotheosis Consulting is a creativity consultancy, focused on collective intelligence. We have advised start-ups, investment institutions and large organisations on how to use collective intelligence to create cultures of innovation. Our work in the field of co-creation is supported by research with our Collaborative Partner the Co-Creation Institute, located at the Design School of Hong Kong's Polytechnic University.

CO-CREATION–Co-Creation is the art of taking participants on a journey into the collective intelligence to allow innovation to emerge. Innovation is one of the biggest challenges that companies face according to many CEO surveys. We help companies innovate in a very different way using the art of co-creation.  

Typically business meetings and brain storming is done in an industrial and linear fashion with people treated as “human resources’. There is a place for linear thinking in business, but its not for new creative breakthroughs and insights. This is the realm of delving in to the chaotic unknown and allowing new things and new ideas to emerge. Our individuality needs to be harnessed for the collective good not stifled by process.

We team up with experienced catalysts who have worked with Fortune 500 companies on anything from culture change and brand development to rebuilding relationships with key stakeholders.  Much of the work involves changing the way companies conduct their dialogue and how the leaders fit in to that. Such work can be shown to have a direct impact on a company’s P&L.

PARTNERSHIP WITH THE CO-CREATION INSTITUTE–We have partnered with the Co-Creation Institute (, which is based at the Innovation Tower of the Design School, Polytechnic University of Hong Kong. There we are doing cutting-edge research on dialogue and co-creation.

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